Chapter 7 - the cost of bankruptcy in Iowa.

The Cost of Bankruptcy in Iowa

As the stress related to excessive debt mounts, there is a need for the debtor to start looking for solutions. After looking at other possibilities like debt consolidation or debt settlement, the number of options diminishes very quickly. At the end of the line is bankruptcy and other cost of bankruptcy in Iowa. For individuals

why file bankruptcy

Why file bankruptcy?

Why file bankruptcy? To free yourself from an overload of debt and start a new future! What is Bankruptcy?    Bankruptcy is a petition filed with a specialized Federal Court called Bankruptcy Court. It can absolve a person of all their debts and give them a fresh start in life. That’s why file bankruptcy to

Bankruptcy Means Test

The Dreaded Bankruptcy Means Test

How does a bankruptcy means test work? Of all the myriad aspects of Bankruptcy, the most feared and misunderstood is the means test. You collect the information about your income for the last 6 months. If you are below the median income for your size household, then you pass the test. If you are above

Bankruptcy Mistakes To Avoid

Bankruptcy Mistakes to Avoid

What not to do when filing bankruptcy? Failure to disclose assets What happens if you do not disclose all of your assets when you file for bankruptcy? This is one of the most common bankruptcy mistakes people make when filing bankruptcy. You must make a complete listing of all your assets. The trustees can object

Student Loan Bankruptcy

Can I file A Student Loan Bankruptcy?

Can I File A Student Loan Bankruptcy in Iowa? Obtaining a discharge from a student loan bankruptcy is not impossible, but it is very difficult. The standard for discharge is whether paying off the student loans will place an undue burden on the debtor. The original cases under the 2005 bankruptcy act dealt with people


Do I qualify for bankruptcy in Iowa?

Do I qualify for a bankruptcy ? Forty years ago, the only criteria for a bankruptcy was whether your debts  exceed your non exempt assets. Today, the qualification for a bankruptcy is far more complicated. That’s why you need an attorney for a bankruptcy. There are three tests which your finances must be put through


Are you a debt slave?

Are you a debt slave? The Thirteenth amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery. At least that is what we are told in school. The owning of a person as property is no longer allowed. Now we have an even more insidious form of slavery -debt slavery.. A debt slave is one who must give

What can I keep if I file for Bankruptcy in Iowa

What property will I keep if I file for bankruptcy?

Iowa has exemptions of personal and real property you can keep in a bankruptcy. This is the property you keep. If you have pledged the property to a creditor such as e mortgage or car loan, then you have the choice of keeping the property by paying the debt or surrendering the property. Generally, you

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