Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer – John M Heckel

I started the practice of law in 1974 in Cedar Rapids. One of my first cases was a bankruptcy for an individual. I have helped over 1000 people to get their lives back on track in the last forty years by filing  Bankruptcy in Iowa . The present Bankruptcy law has changed from back then, but the premise remains the same. Bankruptcy in Iowa gives a person as fresh start on life.

Iowa Business Bankruptcy Lawyer John HeckelIn Iowa Bankruptcy, you keep certain property

Those are called exemptions or exempt property. Most of your debts are wiped out. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about taxes, student loans or Court fines. If you have a secured loan, that is a loan that has a car or house  or something else pledged as security, you make the choice as to whether to keep the debt and the property or surrender the property and wipe out the debt.

Bankruptcy is usually a non-adversarial process

No dramatics by attorneys,no judge or jury, just a low key interview for 5 minutes with a case trustee from the US Trustee’s office. Usually every question that the trustee will ask you,  I will have already asked you and reviewed your answer. Every debtor gets the same questions.

How I approach Bankruptcy differently

I handle my Bankruptcy cases differently from the high volume bankruptcy firms. I meet with you personally every time. When it is time to work on the petition and schedules of debts and assets, I sit down across from my client and go through each part of the bankruptcy forms with you. Aside from a secretary answering the phone, I deal one on one with my clients. The answers to your questions come from me, not a paralegal or secretary.

Every client is important to meBankruptcy Attorney Cedar Rapids Iowa John Heckel

Your bankruptcy is not just another paperwork file for me.

It is important to you… I keep it important to me.

I am there to process the necessary information and documents as well as answer all your questions. I am with you through the entire process.

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